About This Project

The German director Wim Wenders is in Rome on behalf of the Solares delle Arti Foundation of Parma. He is following two projects, both ambitious and interesting. One installation. Accompanied by Andrea Gambetta and Max Di Liberto of the Solares Foundation, Domenico De Gaetano and by some representatives of the Roman museums including Alessandro Bianchi, in the afternoon Wenders carries out a long inspection of the Pantheon for a project with projections of angels, music and lights linked to film-masterpiece The sky above Berlin. Such a show could only be born in a magical city like Rome.
A documentary. Wenders is in Rome above all to do another session of interviews with the Pope for the documentary he is shooting after the success of the award-winning Il sale della terra about photographer Salgado. The precepts of the communication office are rather strict: only the director, sound engineer and operator are allowed to enter the Vatican rooms to meet the pontiff. In the evening at dinner, in addition to recounting the extraordinary encounter, Wenders enthusiastically leafs through the volume by David Cronenberg produced by the Torinto Film Festival and published by Volumina. Who knows which of the two projects will see the light first …