SUBLIME by Michael Nyman

2008 Cadogan Hall, London
2008 Festival della Fotografia, Reggio Emilia

2009 MART, Rovereto, Trento
2010 Corso Como 10, Milan
2013 Museum of Natural Science, Turin 

After having contributed with his music to the success of many films, the English composer Michael Nyman decided to become a director and photographer himself. Thus, over the past few years he has been taking photographs all over the world: the skyscrapers of Barcelona, abandoned objects in the streets of New York, a detail of a shoe snatched in Tokyo, passers-by viewed from a hotel room in Mantua or the faces of people ignoring the colourful advertising of a McDonald’s in Madrid. Shot just before or after his concerts, the photographs in the exhibition were structured according to different visual and musical rhythms.
On display were 16 single photographs 43,5×35,5 and 12 118×45 cm panels with some photographs mounted following the visual flow of the images.




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