Director, screenwriter and producer, Nicolas Winding Refn was born in Copenhagen and grew up in New York. at the age of 24 he wrote and directed Pusher (1996), an extremely harsh and violent film, which soon became a cult phenomenon, which brought him to the attention of critics at the international level. Later films include Bleeder (1999), Fear X (2003), Pusher IIBlood on My Hands (2004) and Pusher IIIThe Angel of Death (2005), which complete the trilogy, Bronson (2008) and Valhalla RisingRegno di sangue (2009) presented at the Venice Film Festival that helped define the film style of NWR in the media world as “Refnesco.” Loved by the public as a rockstar, in 2011, was awarded for Best Director at the Festival de Cannes for his masterpiece Drive starring Ryan Gosling with the soundtrack signed by Cliff Martinez. Two years later, he returned to competition in Cannes with the controversial Solo Dio Perdona, who divided public opinion around the world, as well as the film set in the world of The Neon Demon models in 2016.

His wife, actress and director Liv Corfixen, in 2014 dedicated him the documentary My Life Directed by Nicolas Nicolas Refn that reveals the difficulties of her husband in the realization of Solo Dio Perdona and shows the complexity of combining the public craft of director with that private husband and father.

For Volumina he is preparing a lighting multimedia installation dedicated to his musical passion accompanied by a refined catalog.


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