An undisputed maestro of minimalism, Michael Nyman is one of this century’s greatest composers. Born in London in 1944, after debuting as a critic and publishing the book Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond, he began to write music during the 1970s. His first works were irreverent versions of the classical repertoire, like the entertaining In Re Don Giovanni. His inimitable style is based on recognizable melodies, persistent rhythms, controlled repetition and highly precise and energetic execution. He composes music for operas, ballets, orchestras, string quartets, solo piano and for his ensemble, the Michael Nyman Band. He became famous through his film soundtracks and his collaboration with Peter Greenaway on at least 20 films, from The Draughtsman’s Contract (1982) to Prospero’s Books (1991), with Jane Campion on the award-winning The Piano (1993). He has always been fascinated by the world of images and thus decided to go behind the camera, taking photographs and making videos wherever he has held a concert. This passion took form in the book and exhibition Sublime.




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