92 DRAWINGS OF THE MOLE by Peter Greenaway

2002 Mole Antonelliana, Turin
2007 Politeama, Poggibonsi (Siena)
2008 Palazzo Bricherasio, Turin

These 92 tiny drawings of the Mole Antonelliana were made by Greenaway for the artbook Tulse Luper in Turin in 2002: the Ship Mole, the Light Bulb Mole, the Gothic Mole, the Pagoda Mole, the Industrial Mole,…
The artist used different techniques (some are simple pencil sketches, some are precious watercolours) and materials (a teabag, a geographical atlas, post-its, cards, tickets, paper napkins, newspaper).
Some of the drawings were sold to finance the publication of the artbook. Others, in particular the smaller ones, which are no larger that a postage stamp, were framed in a traditional manner, and some were enclosed in an aluminium and plexiglas case.




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